Publication dates in french : February 10th (France, Belgium, Switzerland), March 16th (Canada).



Gens du Nord intermingles two stories set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland (1968-1998). In 1991, Samuel Gallagher, a writer advocating a united Ireland, close to the IRA, is kidnapped by a unit belonging to a Northern-Irish Protestant paramilitary group. But his execution is deliberately botched by a British undercover agent, and Gallagher is left for dead. Shortly afterwards, during a party organised in France by the Canadian diplomatic mission, François Le Bars, a journalist close to the French secret service, meets Anne Kelly, a film director from Quebec who is interested in Gallagher's disappearance. 


A remarkable novel, both sharp and detailed, offering incredibly compelling scenes which revive the dark years of the Irish struggle and its multiple ramifications across Europe. (Gallimard, Foreign rights)






The novel, whose release is considered the most anticipated literary event of the season in Quebec, is enthusiastically received by critics, booksellers and readers.


Foreign rights : Gallimard.